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Posted On: July 26, 2019
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Tuition & Fees

Families may pay tuition privately or seek funding under the Washington Scholarship Fund. Tuition payments may also be financed through PSDC Tuition Pay or billed on a monthly basis.

Limited financial aid is available on a financial need basis.


General Fees & Penalties (All Non-Refundable)
*All Subject To Change*

Registration Fee  $75 (per student non-refundable)
Summer Registration Fee $50 (per student non-refundable)
Fundraiser Fee
$300 (Per Family)
Activities Fee (Required) 6th-8th ($340) 4th-5th ($255)  K-3rd ($135)
Out of Uniform
$5 per item & $25 on Gym Day
Uniform Rental (When Available)
$1 and up (No more than $25 per day)
Late Pick-Up $2.50 per minute (Starts 15 min. after dismissal)
Damaged/Destroying Property At current market value up to $1,500
Return Check Fee  $50
Summer Camp (6 weeks) (All Day) $100 per week (9am-5pm) (All Day ) $75 week 12pm-5pm ( 1/2 Day of Summer Camp ) (Subject to change )
Summer Camp (6 weeks)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (1/2 Day)$75 per week (12pm-5pm)                           

Activities Fee (Required)

K-3rd $135
4th-5th $255
6th-8th $340
9th-12th $520


K-5th $10,800.00
6th-8th $11,800.00
9th-12th $12,950.00
Pre-School/Pre-K (Per Month) $1,100.00 (per month)
Infant/Toddlers (Per Month) $1,400 (per month)

Before Care

Transportation $325
No Transportation $180

After Care

Transportation $350
No Transportation $205

Before & After Care

Transportation $490
No Transportation $360

Online Courses (Per Year Set-Up)(Non-Refundable)

4th-6th $739
7th-8th $748
9th-12th $777

Book Fees (Non-Refundable)

Pre-School/Pre-K $100
Kindergarten $286
1st Grade $406
2nd Grade-3rd Grade
4th Grade-6th Grade
7th Grade-8th Grade
9th Grade $395
10th Grade $390
11th Grade $415
12th Grade $399

*All books, activities and online fees must be paid in full by the 15th of AUGUST.  After the 15th the fees MUST BE PAID UPON ENROLLMENT, (with the exception of specified contract agreements.)