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Posted On: July 26, 2019
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Our Academic Program

Our Academic Program utilizes the Core Knowledge Curriculum, Alpha Omega Publications on-line assessment, content and Instructional expertise to blend these instructional tools into a prescribed and individualized plan for your child. A Computerized Curriculum uses a blend of text, videos, and animation games to captivate students and provide a stimulating learning environment.

Core Knowledge

Shared Knowledge:  Students should be able to share a body of knowledge with peers and others to gain clarity about the content.

Solid Knowledge:  Knowledge that continues from generation to generation.

Sequenced Knowledge:  Knowledge of people, events, ideas, and historical movements that contribute significant development.

Small Class Sizes

With our pupil-to-teacher ratio not greater than 15 students to 1 teacher, our academic program emphasizes; basic skill development and competency in the core subject areas including Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Students are also encouraged to excel in Physical Education, Music, Arts, Computer Skills, and Foreign Languages

Enrollment process

There are Five Easy Steps to Begin:

  • Contact admissions for more info (202) 722-5080
  • Complete the application and return to PSDC with the application fee
  • Follow directions for diagnostic testing to be completed at the PSDC
  • Seventh & Eighth graders are required to participate in a panel interview.
  • PSDC will prepare a course of study tailored to your child’s individual needs